CCIJ Round Up: Stories From Around The World

Members of our global community tell stories about their communities from river pollution in Senegal and the United States to Mexican filmmaking.

Senegal River Tributary Under Attack From Pollution

CCIJ members Jacques Ngor Sarr and David Dembélé published two stories, in both French and English, about the Falémé River, the main tributary of the Senegal River, that has been plagued by pollution that has wreaked havoc on the environment and riverside residents.


Pollution due to dredging, environmental degradation caused by gold mining, and fishing activities that led to the disappearance of marine resources: this list of damage to the Falémé – the main tributary of the Senegal River – is not exhaustive, writes David Dembéle.

Read the story in French.
Read the story in English.

The Falémé River is in a state of disaster and the impact on residents of the area and the river’s surroundings are clear for all to see, writes Jacques Ngor Sarr.

Read the story in French.
Read the story in English.


Transparency talks

This week on Transparency Talks, Independent Mexican filmmaker and photographer Sara Escobar talks in Spanish with host Jeff Kelly Lowenstein about her professional journey, her commitment to tell stories that show the country’s simultaneous “normality” and abnormality, how she has persisted in the face of entrenched sexism and two collectives in which she is involved with other documentarians.

La cineasta y fotógrafa mexicana independiente Sara Escobar habla sobre su trayectoria profesional, su compromiso por contar historias que muestren la “normalidad” y anormalidad simultáneas del país, cómo ha trabajo por hacer frente al sexismo arraigado y sobre dos colectivos en los que se colabora con otros documentalistas.

Listen to the full episode here.

This week on Waterless, host Winston Mwale asks the tough questions: How do you make sure you tell a seemingly complex story in an engaging way that even your family members would love to read it,  from the beginning to the end?

And, as if this was not enough, just how do you put a human face to such a complex story?

In this episode, Jane Johnston, a US-based journalist, reveals the answers to these and many more questions about her story “One Michigan County Tells The Story of a Nation Plagued by Water Pollution”.

Listen to the full episode here.