David Dembélé

David is a Mali-based investigative journalist who has worked on a number of major collaborative investigative efforts, including the Panama Papers, Swissleaks and CCIJ’s own Gaming the Lottery project.

David Dembélé is an investigative journalist based in Bamako (Republic of Mali).

The former correspondent in Bamako of the French newpaper “Le Monde Afrique” has 14 years of journalism experience and 6 years in the specific field of investigative journalism. He works for the newspaper “dépêches du Mali”, and “L’Investigateur”. David’s graduated by “Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille” (France) and’s specialized in the field of investigation and works with several organizations including the Thomson Reuters Foundation, ANCIR, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), ZAM, OCCRP, CENOZO, CCIJ … 

Since October, 2019, David’s a member of the board of Norbert Zongo Center for Investigative Journalism in the Sahel (CENOZO) and reporters on transnational topics such as tax evasion, illicit finance and terrorism.

With the ICIJ, he worked on dossiers that concerned Mali in major projects such as: Panama Papers, Swissleaks and Fatal Extraction Project, Lottery Project, West Africa Leaks. He have participate in several international conferences on investigative journalism. 

Increasingly, Dembele works in data journalism to use and extract public data from computerized and secure databases

In Mali, in 2016, he created the Malian Network of Journalists of Investigation (RMJI), the first national organization of journalists who is interested locals investigations.