Scott Lewis

An award-winning photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott serves as CCIJ’s visual editor and spearheads much of our organizational work.

Scott Lewis found the first home for his passion for visual storytelling as a newspaper photojournalist in the far reaches of suburban Chicago where developing suburbs overtook farm after farm. As a photojournalist, Scott used the power of his images to champion everyday life when so many only looked to the extremes. This work was the start to a successful 20+ year career in newspapers and as an independent photographer, entrepreneur, consultant and editor. As a photojournalist Scott led an initiative in community journalism that started with one weekly paper and one photographer that garnered multiple national awards in photography, editing and design. This work was key to significant business growth culminating three years later in more than a dozen publications and a photography team of 20 photographers, editors and designers. Scott has worked at and for multiple newspapers, magazines and clients throughout the United States and overseas earning awards from the top competitions in the industry including Regional Photographer of the Year; the Community Awareness Award and Best Use of Photography twice in the Pictures of the Year International; First Place, People in the News in World Press Photo and a grant from Getty Images for a documentary project on commonalities amidst the growing diversification of American faith communities. As an entrepreneur, Scott co-led a family maritime business through a bootstrap phase into a successful fundraise managing multiple functional areas including finance, marketing, operations and investor relations where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Scott is a rare hybrid of enterprising journalist and business savvy entrepreneur bringing vital perspectives of both worlds together in the pursuit of new modes of viable and impactful journalism.