Sonja Smith

Smith’s hard-hitting stories hold power to account. She is driven by her desire to expose corruption and influence the narrative and debates in Namibia, the region and continent.

Sonja Smith is a 29-year-old Namibian journalist and social activist.

She has worked in print media for various Namibian newspapers since 2013, including Confidente, Windhoek Observer and The Namibian.

It was after joining Windhoek Observer in October 2015 as a political journalist that she rose to prominence, gaining massive exposure in the political arena with her in-depth coverage.

She has reported and investigated sensitive political stories including the Caprivi treason trial and has consistently produced investigative front-page leads over the past years.

At present she is a freelance investigative journalist at The Namibian, the country’s biggest daily newspaper. She is also a correspondent for Associated Press.