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We are committed to developing a model of collaborative journalism that holds compelling visual images, deep investigative reporting and data science as equal partners in producing a unique brand of storytelling focusing on underrepresented communities.

Ongoing Investigation

Close to 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. We have launched an ongoing investigation into the causes and consequences of that global failure.

Ongoing Investigation

This is an unprecedented investigation into the global lottery industry that started in 2017 and continues with award-winning stories.

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Member Spotlight

Christina Orieschnig

Christina Orieschnig

PhD Researcher, Civil Engineer, and Biologist

Passionate about ecology and civil engineering, Christina’s areas of specialisation include vegetation ecology, water management, geotechnics and soil sciences.

Read our profile on Christina to learn about her on the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam. 

Alexandre Brutelle

Journalism Project Coordinator

Alexandre is co-founder and coordinator for the Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF).

Read our profile on Alexandre to learn more about his experiences that led him to form an international network of journalists and experts focused on environmental investigations.

Sonja Smith


In 2021, Sonja was recognized at the EFN Namibia Journalism Awards Ceremony where she won the Best Agriculture & Environment Category award and was also awarded Journalist of the Year.

Read more about Sonja’s achievements and watch a video where she talks about her work with CCIJ.

Tapped Out: Power & water justice in the rural West

Featured Collaboration

Tapped Out is a two-part collection of fifteen stories around power, justice and water in the West. Part one was made possible by a grant from The Water Desk, with support from Ensia and INN’s Amplify News Project. Part two was made possible by a grant from the Water Foundation with additional support from INN and the Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ).

These stories are part of collaboration that includes the Institute for Nonprofit News, California Health Report, Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism, Circle of Blue, Colorado Public Radio, Columbia Insight, The Counter, Ensia, High Country News, New Mexico In Depth and SJV Water.


Cross-border Data Journalism for Beginners

Join us Wednesday, October 26, 2022 for a 60 minute session that will provide insight and resources into how data and cross-border investigations can empower independent journalism that is committed to reporting the truth while seeking solutions to vital local, national, and global issues.

Visual storytelling across America: Ryan Christopher Jones’ journey into photojournalism

From photoshoots with friends to wedding gigs to capturing major global issues for news outlets, Ryan Christopher Jones has spent the last two decades pursuing photography in some shape or form. An award-winning freelancer, he has worked with publications from The Fresno Bee to The Washington Post to The New York Times. He recently collaborated with CCIJ on two stories, capturing the 2021 drought in Kings County, California. Since then, he’s started a brand new journey in the anthropology field. Read our profile to learn more about his story and where he’s headed next.