H2OFAIL Investigation

In 2010, the United Nations declared access to clean water to be a universal right that is essential to the enjoyment of all other rights. But a decade later, close to 1 billion people do not have that access. We have launched an ongoing investigation into the causes and consequences of that global failure.

Published Reports

A tsunami of human waste

Rivers and water bodies across South Africa have become too polluted for use, and the government is doing an increasingly poor job of addressing the situation.

Why Las Vegas Is at the Heart of Western States’ Water Conundrums

Without global action, Las Vegas will experience 71 days above 100 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050. The impacts of such climate change are twofold, as less water comes down the Colorado River, and residents use more water in the heat.

Big business guzzled water as Cape Town’s dam levels plummeted

Years after the threat of Day Zero, it turns out that while households were blamed for over-excessive water use, big industrial users were given little more than a slap on the wrist for their significant water consumption