About CCIJ

We convene and lead global investigations that are grounded in strategic mentorship. We lay bare overlooked issues with gripping visual and data-driven storytelling. Above all, we strive for accountability and seek solutions.

Organizational Structure

CCIJ is growing at a remarkable rate. We have strong participation from journalists, photographers, data scientists, and students. Journalists from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America—with initial strategic focus in Southern Africa and the United States—are now part of the network.

Regional Hubs

Our vision is to develop a series of regional hubs with leaders who spearhead journalistic coverage in those areas. Hub leadership will oversee local reporting and training in close coordination with their regional hub peers and CCIJ’s core editors. The first two hubs are located in the United States and Southern Africa where our membership is strongest. Ultimately, these hubs will create the connective tissue that gives CCIJ its shape.


Along with regional hub leadership, CCIJ is guided by a core team of editors and professional partners. We also lean heavily on the collective expertise of its Board of Directors.


Collaboration + Mentorship

Amplifying Emerging Journalists

We provide meaningful collaboration, training opportunities and mentorship to local journalists and students around the world. We aim to broaden their professional horizons by embedding them within global investigations to which they otherwise would not have access. Ultimately, we provide these talented reporters with an opportunity to reach a much wider audience with their work.

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Partners & Impact

Organizational Support & Media Partnerships

Partnerships are a core element of CCIJ’s work. A number of our key partners are listed here. Please contact us if you are interested in working with our team.

Impact & Recognition

CCIJ’s work has received local, regional and national recognition in the United States and South Africa. Our coverage has preceded store closures, arrests, policy change and governmental audits in the United States and prompted a parliamentary inquiry and a pledge to investigate tax avoidance in South Africa.

Donor Support

We are committed to transparency in every aspect of funding our organization. Donors who have given more than $5,000 or more per year:

  • Hamilton Family Giving Foundation
  • Hisao Kushi
  • Edward Lowenstein
  • Paul Schaeffer
  • Guy Wallace
  • Nikki Zapol

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