Ask me anything (AMA) session

Investigative Journalism and Web3: Early explorations in the metaverse and virtual worlds

Ask Me Anything: Investigative Journalism and Web3: Early explorations in the metaverse and virtual worlds

Web3 platforms offer a universe of new opportunities to expand how journalism stories are told and delivered.  At CCIJ we have begun exploring these tools to develop the language and understanding of what can be done, what shouldn’t be done and how big we can dream. 

This “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session – a first for CCIJ – will start with a brief introduction of our virtual space and an invitation to join us in this space.  Following, attendees will be able to ask as many questions as our time allows about our experience with translating our investigative stories to this innovative virtual space.  Through this AMA structure, attendees will gain insights into the current challenges, possibilities, limitations of what some Web3 platforms can present for journalists.

As one of the first, if not only, global media brands to embrace regularly building “metaverse” type immersive experiences, CCIJ is excited to share what we’ve encountered and learned through our first few projects, and what it means for the practice of ethical, impactful, relevant and innovative journalism.


Monday, February 27, 2023
9 AM US Eastern / 3 PM Italy (60 minutes)


Virtual via Zoom




Photo portrait of Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis

Creative Director & Business Development Lead, CCIJ

Scott Lewis is the Creative Director and Business Development lead for CCIJ. Scott’s career began working as a staff photojournalist for small to medium sized newspapers in the United States garnering local, regional, national and international awards for his intimate storytelling of everyday life. After a detour into entrepreneurship and consulting, Scott is now focused on bringing a new, necessary and vital perspective to journalism’s search for new models of collaboration, storytelling and sustainability.

Serena Stelitano, Metaverse Designer, CCIJ

Serena Stelitano

Metaverse Designer, Builder and Curator, CCIJ

Serena Stelitano is the Metaverse Designer, Builder and curator at CCIJ. Serena’s curiosity for visual storytelling and multi-sensorial journeys has constantly informed her research. A traditional and digital artist, since 2017 Serena is experimenting with cryptoart (later NFTs) and Web3, becoming a designer and builder of virtual worlds.