Green Gold: A Global Demand for Avocados Leaves People Without Water in Chile

While estimates vary on the amount of water subtropical avocado trees need to grow, there is no doubt they exact a substantial burden on Petorca Valley where rainfall is scarce.


‘The salt they pump back in kills everything’: is the cost of Chile’s fresh water too high?

In 2003, Chile’s first desalination plant began operating; pumping 150 litres of drinking water a second towards Antofagasta to relieve the city of its dire need for fresh water.


How to survive Chennai’s water crisis

In an open letter to the residents of Chennai, India’s sixth largest city, Ray Joseph shares water crisis strategies learned in Cape Town.

Gaming the Lottery

The Lottery Industry

Have you bought your lottery ticket? CCIJ’s Jeff Lowenstein tells The Academic Minute that win or lose, it could do more harm than good.