Corcoran Is Sinking, and We Might Know Why.

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest partner project with SJV Water and The New York Times on the sinking of a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

CCIJ ROUND UP: The West’s Water Supply is Tapped Out

This week, CCIJ published a series of stories in a new collaborative journalism project about power, justice, and water in the Western United States. We also have big news from members Vanessa Offiong and Winston Mwale and a recap of our most recent photography training.  Tapped Out series published on our website A new CCIJ […]

CCIJ Round Up: CCIJ Member Sonja Smith of The Namibian Wins Two Major Awards at the EFN Namibia Journalism Awards Ceremony

CCIJ Member Sonja Smith wins two major awards at the EFN Namibia Journalism Awards Ceremony. The NLC Commission engages in legal battles with former employees and others. The CCIJ welcomes new members to the community and holds a photography conversation and training workshop on May 7. See what we’ve been up to! CCIJ Member and […]

CCIJ ROUND UP: South Africa’s Sewage System up “Sh**s Creek”

South Africa’s rivers of sewage: More than half of SA’s treatment works are failing Sewage in city streets, in rivers, in drinking water; it doesn’t just stink. This investigation shows how nationwide wastewater mismanagement poses a major risk to South Africans. In an article published Monday in the Daily Maverick, Steve Kretzmann, Nompumelelo Mtsweni, Peter […]

CCIJ Photography Conversation Series with Danny Wilcox Frazier

Join us on Friday, May 7 from 12-12:30pm EDT, for our first training in our new photography conversation series. We’re excited to have award-winning photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier lead the conversation and speak about his work as a documentary photographer. The conversation will offer tips for both beginner and experienced photographers.

Member Spotlight: Christina Orieschnig

Writing “Drought of the Sinking Delta” brought together two of Christina Orieschnig’s favorite things: environmental science and journalism. Orieschnig is in her final year of earning her PhD and has studies focus on the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam, where the nearly 3,000 foot long river culminates after flowing from the Tibetan Plateau in China through and along the borders Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

CCIJ Round Up: At the mercy of “Waterpreneurs,” Nigerians face a plight of accessing clean water

“Waterpreneurs” in Nigeria upcharge community members for small bits of clean water. In times of drought, villagers of Ha Noha travel great distances to obtain water. How to turn wastewater into drinking water. NLC Commissioner misleads Parliament once again through a response regarding lottery grants in South Africa. CCIJ welcomes new members and interns. Photography training workshop on Tuesday, May 7. See what we’ve been up to!

CCIJ Round Up: More Corruption Within South Africa Lottery

New evidence of corruption is found within the South African National Lotteries Commission. H2OFail stories reach audiences across Africa.

CCIJ Round Up: Namibia’s Grape Farmers Face Water Woes

Workers on Namibian vineyards face extreme water scarcity. Water crises continue to wreak havoc in Bulawayo. An investigative unit appointed by South Africa’s president raids National Lotteries Commission offices for evidence of corruption. A story on water conservation in Las Vegas, Nevada continues to make an impact.

CCIJ Round Up: South African Lottery Board Chair Seat Won’t Be Filled Until March 2021

A controversial figure is nominated to lead the South African National Lottery Board. CCIJ announces a grant opportunity for African journalists.