Grape crop brings in millions, but farm workers live a harsh life

Vineyards well watered, while people struggle for water

CCIJ Round Up: Cape Town’s Top Ten Water Users

A new report follows up with Cape Town’s biggest water users. Raymond Joseph is named the runner up for a prestigious international award. Two CCIJ members receive grants for their water stories.

CCIJ Round-Up: CCIJ Launches a New Blog Series

CCIJ launched the 71% series on its blog. The CCIJ community got to know partner organization CENOZO through the partner spotlight series. Members of CCIJ issued a statement of solidarity to Namibian journalists.

CCIJ Weekly Round-Up: July 27-31

Mayor Otu discusses being a documentary photographer and his “Water of Katampe” series. Sonja Smith talks about her journey into journalism. Andiswa Matikinca joins CCIJ on Instagram Live. Ground is gained in CCIJ’s Gaming the Lottery Project. Neha Hirve is a finalist for a prestigious award.

My CCIJ Journey

It is when ordinary people can see themselves in stories, through whatever medium we publish, that our survival is ensured. Speaking truth to power means that we need to give a platform to those who all too often are forgotten and left to suffer in silence.


Dying for a drop

The residents of Namibia’s Amarika reflect on the dangerous lengths they are forced to go to, simply to collect water from the village’s wells.