Photo Credits

We thank the exceptional photojournalists who have contributed work that defines the essence of our collective storytelling efforts—to tell stories with profound visual impact and deep compassion. At CCIJ, visual storytellers have a leading voice in defining our direction as we pursue investigations of the most vital issues of our time.

Uchiya Nallo, 8 months pregnant, gathering water to make the beer for the village men to celebrate the coming birth of her child. Konso Region, Ethiopia. (Photo/Mustafah Abdulaziz)

Guatemalan men waiting for La Best to continue their journey north through Mexico. Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico. (Photo/Jon Lowenstein)

Two men hug after being tear gassed by police on Florissant Avenue during the Ferguson protests. Thousands of people demonstrated today in support of Mike Brown who was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Protestors were met with a cascade of tear gas, flash bombs, rubber bullets and other methods used by police to disperse the crowd. (Photo/Jon Lowenstein)

Jangadeiros (fishermen) in the Northeast of Brazil head out to the extremely dangerous Atlantic Ocean to fish declining stocks. (Photo/Doug Menuez)

On the left of a muddy road, the pristine Amazon forest; on the right, a eucalyptus plantation burned near Porto Velho, Brazil. August is the burning season in the Amazon rainforest, it’s when farmers use a rare period of dry weather to set fires to clear fields ready to plant crops. But 2019 was different. Satellite data showed more than 46,000 fires in the Amazon, an alarming 111-percent increase over 2018. (Photo/Sebastian Liste)

Reverend Robin Hood leads an anti-violence march on Chicago’s West Side. Hood has been a tireless fighter for his almost entirely African-American community for decades. (Photo/Jon Lowenstein)

Pediatric nurse Helwa Farah weighs three-month-old Shams Abu Qash at the Birzeit Women’s Charitable Society in Birzeit, West Bank during the last large scale Intifada when during a time of crisis, it served as a temporary clinic for women and children. (Photo/Scott Lewis)

Tony Iero cares for Paul Myers, his partner of 34 years, at his room after dinner in a memory care facility in Yardley, PA, USA prior to Paul’s death only weeks later. Paul was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and lived there full-time while Tony lived and worked in Philadelphia, about 30 minutes away. Tony visited Paul four days a week after working and brought home cooked meals with him for them to share together. (Photo/Scott Lewis)

Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Guzman at her home in the “Back of the Yards” neighborhood of Chicago. Lupe has been selling elotes on the street for more than 15 years. (Photo/Jon Lowenstein)

Deportation shackles before deportation flight. Brownsville, Texas, United States. (Photo/Jon Lowenstein)