Submit a pitch

Thank you for your interest in pitching CCIJ with your investigative story idea. If your pitch is selected, we believe we will be able to offer you a unique journalism experience that will strongly enhance your reporting.

At CCIJ, investigative, data and visual reporters and editors work as equal partners from the beginning of projects. And, if a successful applicant, you will benefit from mentorship and support across these three key areas.

Editorial support

Our editorial team will provide textual support as you build and shape your story, as well as reporting resources and risk mitigation strategies.

Data support

Our data team will work with you to explore and analyze available datasets, scrape websites, build datasets and visualize your findings so that you can add additional evidence and context to your reporting.

Visual support

Our visual team will provide assistance on thoughtful production of the visual aspects of the project, including photographs, videos, illustrations and animations.

In addition, we will implement innovative publishing strategies that reach far and wide, including co-publishing with local language newspapers and community radio to reach local audiences, as well as on international platforms and news sites that reach global audiences.

If you are keen to work with us, please share the details of your story idea by filling out our pitch submission form.