Using ChatGPT and Kaggle for data analysis and data visualization

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In today’s data-driven world, professionals from various fields, including journalists, are expected to analyze and visualize data to inform their work. However, many people may be intimidated by the coding aspect of data analysis and might not be aware of how emerging technologies like ChatGPT – an advanced language model that uses artificial intelligence to assist with a wide range of tasks – can simplify the process.

Led by CCIJ Editor Yuxi Wang, this session will show attendees how to do data analysis and visualization using ChatGPT as well as  Kaggle, a platform for data science competitions and collaborative projects that provides users with pre-configured Jupyter notebooks and eliminates the need for users to set up their own Python environments.

The session will use the conflict dataset from ACLED to analyze and visualize Nigeria election violence as a case study. Attendees will walk away with:

  • An understanding of how to register, navigate, and use ChatGPT and Kaggle for data analysis and visualization.
  • An awareness of how ChatGPT can simplify data analysis and make it more accessible to non-coders, thus breaking down barriers.

By the end of the session, attendees will have gained skills in data analysis and visualization, as well as the confidence to embrace these powerful tools in their work. The session aims to inspire participants to explore new ways to leverage data in their respective fields with AI tools.


Thursday, June 6, 2023
9 AM US Eastern Daylight Time / 3 PM Central Africa Time
60 minutes


Virtual via Zoom




Yuxi Wang, Data Fellow, CCIJ

Yuxi Wang

Data researcher & visualization specialist, CCIJ

Yuxi Wang is a freelance writer, researcher, data journalist from China. Yuxi is currently a data researcher and visualization specialist at Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) and data wrangler at OpenUp. Previously, Yuxi worked as a trainee and contractor for UNESCO Office in Nigeria and UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Coming from a sociology background, Yuxi has honed her data skills including data scraping, data analysis and data visualization through self-study.

With a passion for data storytelling in Africa, Yuxi uses her data skills to support local journalists and NGOs in uncovering important stories and shed light on important issues. Her experience also includes reporting on China-Africa relations, social media monitoring and analysis, and developing data tools for journalists. Yuxi has been featured on the shortlist for the Sigma Awards and the longlist for Information is Beautiful, etc.