The Arrest and Detention of Haruna Mohammed Salisu

The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) expresses its deep concern following the arrest of the Nigerian journalist and publisher of WikkiTimes Haruna Mohammed Salisu on February 25, 2023, while covering the election at Duguri, the hometown of Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Bala. It denounces this outrageous attack on constitutionally-enshrined press freedoms and calls for […]

Steve Kretzmann, a reporter itching for a fight

Steve Kretzmann is used to fighting with the city of Cape Town. “It’s quite healthy in a way that we can have these fights,” he says nonchalantly, “As long as I’ve got my facts straight.” Lately, Kretzmann’s facts are not only straight — but they are also giving officials in Cape Town reason to be nervous. In partnership with the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ), Kretzmann has published a series of stories chronicling how Cape Town mismanaged its water supply during a near-apocalyptic drought in 2018. These acclaimed stories are emblematic of Kretzmann’s broader approach to journalism – one characterized by an enduring sense of curiosity, a willingness to evolve and a relentless pursuit of accountability.

CCIJ Round Up: More Corruption Within South Africa Lottery

New evidence of corruption is found within the South African National Lotteries Commission. H2OFail stories reach audiences across Africa.

CCIJ Round Up: Namibia’s Grape Farmers Face Water Woes

Workers on Namibian vineyards face extreme water scarcity. Water crises continue to wreak havoc in Bulawayo. An investigative unit appointed by South Africa’s president raids National Lotteries Commission offices for evidence of corruption. A story on water conservation in Las Vegas, Nevada continues to make an impact.

CCIJ Round Up: South African Lottery Board Chair Seat Won’t Be Filled Until March 2021

A controversial figure is nominated to lead the South African National Lottery Board. CCIJ announces a grant opportunity for African journalists.

CCIJ Round Up: Las Vegas’s Water Conundrum

Las Vegas’s water conservation efforts are wasted on the region’s most affluent. Increased precipitation in some parts of the U.S. could contribute to a rise in contaminated drinking water. We reflect on the work of one CCIJ intern.

CCIJ Round Up: Cape Town Lost A Billion Liters of Drinking Water Last Year

Failure to maintain a wastewater treatment plant in Cape Town costs the city a billion liters of drinking water. South Africa’s president authorizes an investigation into the National Lotteries Commission. Poor communities in Limpopo still face challenges to water access spurred by Aparteid. CCIJ’s Innovation Director is a finalist for the Alexia Grant competition. CCIJ’s work is profiled in Storybench.

CCIJ Round Up: Cape Town’s Top Ten Water Users

A new report follows up with Cape Town’s biggest water users. Raymond Joseph is named the runner up for a prestigious international award. Two CCIJ members receive grants for their water stories.

CCIJ Weekly Round Up: ‘House of Water’ Can’t Provide Clean Water To Its Citizens

The water-rich country of Tajikistan struggles to provide clean water to its citizens. Winston Mwale talks about his versatile career as a journalist. David Dembélé of Senegal and Jacques Ngor Sarr talk about their recent water pollution investigation in our first French-language podcast. Ruona Meyer and Billy Ntaote’s investigation is available on the CCIJ website.

CCIJ Round Up: Lesotho’s Water Woes

A Michigan journalist reports on a rural community’s faulty water supply. Open Up Operations Manager Lailah Ryklief talks diversity, women in tech and responsibility. A new water story out of Lesotho investigates a company draining the water supply of rural villagers. CCIJ is invited to speak at the African Investigative Journalism Conference. Villagers struggle for […]