CCIJ Round Up: Las Vegas’s Water Conundrum

Las Vegas’s water conservation efforts are wasted on the region’s most affluent. Increased precipitation in some parts of the U.S. could contribute to a rise in contaminated drinking water. We reflect on the work of one CCIJ intern.

Why Las Vegas Is at the Heart of Western States’ Water Conundrums

While the city of Las Vegas, Nevada prides itself on becoming a model for water conservation across the U.S. Southwest, it may not be able to offset the other thing Las Vegas is known for: Greed. CCIJ member Fredrick Clayton writes that the most affluent residents of the city often refuse to comply with local water conservation laws, simply because they can afford to pay the fines. The city and the surrounding region have made great strides, but there is still work to be done. 

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Will Climate Change Increase the Presence of Pathogens in Drinking Water? 

Groundwater contamination from animal and human waste could be on the rise, CCIJ member Kari Lydersen writes. In a recent article for Ensia, Lydersen explores the connection between the effects of climate change and water contamination. Although many assume that tap water is free from harmful microorganisms, she says, thousands of rural Americans are at risk for water contamination. In fact, pathogens in U.S. public drinking water systems cause an upwards of four million digestive tract illnesses annually. Increased precipitation could cause those numbers to continue to rise. 

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Abigail Goldberg-Zelizer

A special thanks to one of our ace interns, Abigail Goldberg-Zelizer, who is wrapping up her work with CCIJ. Abigail joined CCIJ in the summer, and has since contributed to the CCIJ blog and helped build our social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram. Join us in wishing Abigail luck as she continues her education at Princeton University! 

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