CCIJ Round Up: New H2OFail Reports Released

Two new reports on the dangers of water collection– both for those gathering and drinking it– are released. Innovation Director Jon Lowenstein publishes two new projects on racism in America. Our community gets to know partner organization Volume, a South African podcasting company, better.


Paul McNally, co-founder and executive producer at Volume, joined us for our third CCIJ Talks Instagram Live on Friday. McNally and Jane Johnston, CCIJ social media intern, talked about how Volume contributes to the global podcasting industry and what Paul has enjoyed about working with CCIJ on our podcasts, Transparency Talks and Waterless.

“I think anything you do, you want to work with people who will look for the passion in something. I think that’s what I’ve found more and more, filling the team out at Volume, is that some projects come and they don’t feel instinctively like passion projects. But what you want to do is that you want to work with people who will always find the piece of that project that they are passionate about.” 

Paul McNally
Check out the entire converstation here.
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Two new reports contribute to CCIJ’s ongoing investigation into the causes and consequences of a global lack of access to clean water.

Collecting water dangerous for women and girls

Jenipher Changwanda released a new report with CCIJ examining the treacherous journey to collect water in Malawi– a burden often placed on women and girls. They are faced with chronic dangers, including sexual and physical assault from thugs and wild animals, along with the exhausting physical toll water collection takes on the body.

Read the whole story here.
When death is just a sip away

From the Zimbabwe, Brezhnev Malaba’s new article captures a nation crumbling beneath political and economic crisis. In the capital city of Harare, collecting water is a “daunting task,” and drinking water has caused massive outbreaks of cholera. Residents told Malaba it is not a question of if another outbreak will occur, but when.

Read the whole story here.

Documenting Racism in America

CCIJ Innovation Director Jon Lowenstein and seasoned documentarian releases two new projects examining the past and present of racism in the United States. 

postcards from forever

In 2015, Fine Acts partnered with Lowenstein to produce Postcards from Ferguson, a set of eight postcards featuring powerful images of black protest that addressed racial inequity by subverting the heinous tradition of lynching postcards. The two have paired back up to launch Postcards from Forever, collaborating with a host of photographers from the U.S. and beyond.  The project uses potent historical and contemporary images of Black life to highlight the timelessness and perpetuity of racism and police brutality while creating a call to action.

Black activist threatened by lynching in rural indiana

Lowenstein also recently produced a video for Channel 4 News on Vauhxx Booker, a young black activist in Southern Indiana that was assaulted and threatened with a lynching, the age-old means of terrorizing black people, when we went for a walk in the woods with his friends on the Fourth of July.   

Watch the full video here.