Fola Folayan

Fola Folayan is the Digital Marketing Manager at CCIJ. She is a media entrepreneur, communications specialist, and public speaker.

At CCIJ, Fola develops, manages, and executes marketing campaigns to promote the organization’s professional development sessions, investigative projects, and fundraising. She also manages the organization’s training programs.

Working out of Kigali, Rwanda, Fola is the lead media consultant and communications manager for the Ubumuntu Arts Festival, Africa’s premier performing arts festival for social good.

Fola honed her skills in public relations, reputation management, brand activations, crisis management, content development and corporate communications while serving as Head of Media Relations for BukiHQ Media, Nigeria’s frontline media relations consultancy firm.

Before then, Fola was the pioneer General Manager at 101.7 YES FM Ibadan, a bilingual entertainment talk station based in southwest Nigeria where she helped create a brand identity for the new radio station, developing a content strategy, and overseeing production, administrative structure and staff development.

In addition, Fola serves as the Operations Director of the Broadcast Radio Master Class, a broadcast training institute that provides virtual self directed training courses and internship opportunities for entry level broadcasters.

She is the curator of the Media Mentors Series, a networking event for young media professionals organized under the BRMC Project.

As a content creator, she has curated, produced and managed digital content across several platforms for media companies and non-profit organizations including West Africa Weekly and The International Organisation For Peace and Social Justice.

She is also the curator for the monthly ‘Music Chill’, a live music and networking event for Africa’s creative industry professionals.