Hassel Fallas

Hassel is a Costa Rican data analyst and editor. Her passion is helping journalists extract valuable information from numbers and turn it into public interest reports, with effective and creative data visualization and storytelling that enhances the content’s quality. She is a professor in Data Analytics and Data Visualization in the Master’s in Digital Journalism […]

Esther Hurh

Operations & Program Manager

Jillian Dudziak

As Design Director, Jillian is passionate about using design to amplify the impactful stories produced by our courageous investigative journalists.

Raymond Joseph

Instrumental in CCIJ’s inaugural investigation Gaming the Lottery, Raymond now serves as our Regional Hub Editor in Southern Africa.

Scott Lewis

An award-winning photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott serves as CCIJ’s visual editor and spearheads much of our organizational work.

Juliana Thornton

With 15 years of professional experience in both fundraising and journalism, Juliana spearheads CCIJ’s development efforts.

Jon Lowenstein

Jon Lowenstein specializes in long-term, in-depth documentary explorations that confront the realms of power, poverty, and violence.

Yaffa Fredrick

Yaffa Fredrick is Series Editor for CCIJ, working to coordinate, guide and edit reporters through their investigative process.

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Jeff is the founder and executive director of CCIJ. His investigative reporting and educational work has earned numerous awards and honors.

John L. Myers

John built the CCIJ website. A trained journalist, he now works primarily as a web designer with a focus on data visualization.