Sotiris Sideris

Sotiris Sideris is the Data Editor at CCIJ. He is an award-winning data journalist, trainer, and project manager based in Athens, Greece with extensive cross-border and collaborative experience.

Sotiris is also the data editor of Reporters United and co-founder of AthensLive. In addition, he serves as a lecturer of digital media at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and as a research associate in the NTLab at the University of Athens.

Previously, he worked with the Greek NGO Network for Children’s Rights as the coordinator and chief editor of the multilingual newspaper Migratory Birds, featuring stories written by young migrants and refugees in Arabic, English, Farsi, Greek, and Urdu, and as a researcher and producer for the Greek national TV documentary series 28 Europe.

His work has been published in numerous Greek and European publications, including Investigate Europe, Mediapart, and Tagesspiegel. In 2017, he was a Stavros Niarchos Foundation fellow at Columbia University, where he studied programming and data journalism. In 2019 he participated in the Bertha Challenge, a global fellowship program for investigative journalists and activists by Bertha Foundation.