Paul David Schaeffer

Paul, a business strategist with 25 years of senior experience in the investment management and financial services industry, is a member of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

Paul Schaeffer is a business strategist who helps organizations apply market knowledge to position themselves and understand what’s next. He has for over 25 years held senior positions in the investment management and financial services industry.

Paul is founder and chief curator of AlphaHut, a consulting, research, and marketing communications firm focused on competitive strategy in the financial services industry. He is an Executive Adviser to Aquiline Capital a New York based private equity firm. Paul is a mutual fund trustee at New York Life’s IndexIQ Funds and is chairman of the Investment Company Institute Research Committee. He serves on the Board of RIA In A Box. He is a member of the Pathways Core Training board of directors.

Within the financial services industry, he has long been recognized as a consultant, speaker and author with a talent for analyzing how trends and issues will unfold. Schaeffer previously held senior business strategy positions with Forward Management and with SEI’s Investment Manager Services division. He was managing partner of Investment Counseling, Inc., where he co-created Competitive Challenges, the first comprehensive annual survey of best practices in the investment management industry. “What’s next?” has been a unifying theme in his career, which has ranged from politics and public policy to entertainment and finance.

Schaeffer has also had an extensive career in government and public policy. He has worked in the White House, on Capital Hill and in state and local government as well as involvement with a number of non-profit organizations. Schaeffer is married and lives in California.