Why Las Vegas Is at the Heart of Western States’ Water Conundrums

Without global action, Las Vegas will experience 71 days above 100 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050. The impacts of such climate change are twofold, as less water comes down the Colorado River, and residents use more water in the heat.

Jillian Dudziak

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CCIJ Round Up: Lesotho’s Water Woes

A Michigan journalist reports on a rural community’s faulty water supply. Open Up Operations Manager Lailah Ryklief talks diversity, women in tech and responsibility. A new water story out of Lesotho investigates a company draining the water supply of rural villagers. CCIJ is invited to speak at the African Investigative Journalism Conference. Villagers struggle for […]

CCIJ Round-Up: Documenting Mexico

Two mini-documentaries are released on the CCIJ blog. Circle of Blue’s series on water in Texas comes to fruition. Our community gears up for the release of season 2 of Waterless and Transparency Talks.

CCIJ Round Up: New H2OFail Reports Released

Two new reports on the dangers of water collection– both for those gathering and drinking it– are released. Innovation Director Jon Lowenstein publishes two new projects on racism in America. Our community gets to know partner organization Volume, a South African podcasting company, better.

Gaming the Lottery

Some people repeatedly win the Wisconsin Lottery. Do they play fair?

Wisconsin has no laws preventing retail lottery sellers or their employees or owners from buying and cashing in lottery tickets at their own stores — a gap in regulation that could open the state’s lottery system to fraud.

CCIJ Round-Up: CCIJ Launches a New Blog Series

CCIJ launched the 71% series on its blog. The CCIJ community got to know partner organization CENOZO through the partner spotlight series. Members of CCIJ issued a statement of solidarity to Namibian journalists.

#71Series: Years After Flint Water Crisis, Lead in Drinking Water Remains a National Problem

The Flint Water Crisis put the issue of lead in drinking water in the national spotlight, but the problem isn’t unique to Flint.

Gaming the Lottery

Gaming the poor

A randomised study of lottery participation conducted by the University of South Africa (UNISA) found that in 2010, nearly three quarters of lottery players earned less than R 5,000 a month – and of those 33 percent earn R1000 a month or less.
The study’s findings add to scholarly work from the United States and Europe demonstrating that lotteries can amount to a regressive tax that, while not imposed by law, is sanctioned by participating governments using advertising campaigns that even the National Gambling Board (NGB) describes as, “perhaps irresponsible… manipulative.”
That poor people across the planet are overrepresented among the ranks of lottery players may not be a surprise. Far less known is known about the presence and activities of GTech, a lottery titan involved in 100 countries around the globe and the subject of controversies stretching back decades.
An exclusive analysis of public financial documents conducted in 2016 shows that the company, which completed a merger in 2015 with gaming giant International Game Technology (IGT), has avoided hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes through financial maneuvers. IGT is currently the main technology supplier for lottery systems and support for Ithuba, the company that currently runs the SA lottery.
The process through which the merger happened appears to show aggressive tax avoidance, involving slashing corporate tax rates in half while keeping billions hidden from the taxman.

Gaming the Lottery

Amid Delay In New Lottery Policy, Repeat Winners Keep On Winning

It’s been a charmed decade for Ali Jaafar. The Watertown man keeps hitting it big on the Massachusetts State Lottery, winning millions of dollars from thousands of scratch tickets.