Environmental Justice: Connecting the dots between racism and environmentalism

Environmental justice, as it is widely known as throughout the United States, is a movement that explores the intersection between environmental and race issues while advocating for systematic change.

Paul David Schaeffer

Paul, is a business strategist with 25 years of senior experience in the investment management and financial services industry, is a member of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

Brant Houston

Brant Houston, who served more than 10 years as the executive director for IRE and now teaches at the University of Illinois, is a member of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

Cheryl W. Thompson

Cheryl, an award-winning investigative correspondent for NPR who teaches investigative reporting at George Washington University, serves on CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

Catherine Chieco

A freelance writer and consultant with extensive nonprofit experience, Catherine is helping build out CCIJ’s larger organizational strategy.

Monica Eng

Monica Eng is a veteran Chicago reporter who is now at WBEZ Chicago Public Media.

Scott Lewis

An award-winning photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott serves as CCIJ’s visual editor and spearheads much of our organizational work.

Juliana Thornton

With 15 years of professional experience in both fundraising and journalism, Juliana spearheads CCIJ’s development efforts.

Jon Lowenstein

Jon Lowenstein specializes in long-term, in-depth documentary explorations that confront the realms of power, poverty, and violence.

Yaffa Fredrick

Yaffa Fredrick is Series Editor for CCIJ, working to coordinate, guide and edit reporters through their investigative process.