How a federal drought relief program left southern Oregon parched—and contributed to the ongoing groundwater crisis in the West

For two decades, the Bureau of Reclamation incentivized farmers to pump water faster than the resource could recover, despite warnings from its own scientists. This year, residents of Klamath County paid the price, as hundreds of household wells went dry.


Where is the water going?

Small farmers struggle as ag titans wheel water for profit

La ciudad de California que está hundiéndose

El terreno sobre el que se construyó Corcoran se ha derrumbado lenta pero constantemente, una situación causada principalmente por la agricultura y no por la naturaleza.


The Gambia’s Water Paradox

How a country with plentiful water resources is failing to provide safe water to its people

Innovative partnerships and exchanges are securing the Gila River Indian Community’s water future

The Gila River Indian Community is restoring its “lifeblood” back through innovative partnerships and water exchanges.

Navajo-Gallup water delay spurs problem solving in arid Southwest

Navajo-Gallup water delay spurs problem solving in arid Southwest May 7, 2021 By Elizabeth MillerNew Mexico In Depth Three new water tanks holding 5.7 million gallons sit on a bluff north of town. San Juan river water will flow into these tanks, and from there will be largely gravity fed through the new water system […]

Cheese in the desert: Why mega-dairies are piping water onto Oregon’s shrub-steppe

An environmental coalition is lobbying for a moratorium on mega-dairies, which have proliferated in a water-challenged area of northeastern Oregon


South Africa’s rivers of sewage: More than half of SA’s treatment works are failing

Some rural California residents doubt they’ll ever get clean water

The tiny town of El Adobe exemplifies the state’s struggles with contaminated water and aging infrastructure.

Toxic Cyanobacteria Choke Water Systems Around California’s Clear Lake

Toxic blooms are a public health risk and increase water treatment costs.