Hands off Ray Joseph and GroundUp!

GroundUp and Ray Joseph, our regional hub editor in Southern Africa, have endured attacks from multiple sources, with the National Lotteries Commission being by far the earliest and most frequent aggressor.

#SolutionsJournalism: How I’m reporting COVID-19 remotely

Ruona Meyer, who is helping CCIJ develop a social media strategy and connect with journalists across Africa, leverages her Solutions Journalism Network training in real-world COVID-19 reporting.

Building Our Culture, Continuing to Learn Through Reading

Memoirs about Biafra and El Salvador, how to build organizational culture and do deep work, and a biography about the iconic Sojourner Truth are among my recent favorites.

CCIJ, Others Demand Justice for Ignace Sossou

Beninese investigative journalist is serving 18-month sentence after accurately tweeting public prosecutor’s comments.

CCIJ’s Origins, Past and Current Projects

International group that began during 2016 African conference and focused on global lottery industry is now taking on access to clean water.