Reporting on Water Disease: Two journalists share their experiences in Nigeria and Zimbabwe

On a daily basis, Wendy Muperi and Vanessa Offiong have to overcome the challenges of being young, female journalists operating in underfunded media industries, to tell some of the most urgent stories.

CCIJ Weekly Round-Up: July 17

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CCIJ Weekly Round-Up: July 10

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CCIJ Weekly Round-Up: July 3

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#CCIJMemberSpotlight: David Mono Danga’s experience as a South Sudanese Journalist

David Mono Danga, a journalist from South Sudan, joined CCIJ because of his steadfast belief in collaborative reporting. Amid a violent civil war, Mono Danga constantly worries for his safety and the safety of his reporters. Now, with coronavirus on the rise in South Sudan, Mono Danga believes journalism has never been more dangerous, or important.

CCIJ’s commitment to social justice

The CCIJ community mourns the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others in the United States and around the world who have been killed at the hands of those who are meant to “serve and protect.”

Environmental Justice: Connecting the dots between racism and environmentalism

Environmental justice, as it is widely known as throughout the United States, is a movement that explores the intersection between environmental and race issues while advocating for systematic change.

CCIJ Round-Up: June 26

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My CCIJ Journey

It is when ordinary people can see themselves in stories, through whatever medium we publish, that our survival is ensured. Speaking truth to power means that we need to give a platform to those who all too often are forgotten and left to suffer in silence.

Malawi 2020 Presidential Election: Will the country crawl back to normalcy?

Malawi goes to fresh presidential polls today, exactly 141 days after the Constitutional Court annulled the May 2019 presidential election on 3 February, 2020 citing “massive” irregularities. Will the country crawl back to normal life after today’s polls?