CCIJ Round Up: The Battle for Water In Bulawayo Continues

A new blog post explores the battle for clean water in Zimbabwe. We look back on the month of August. Advances are made in the longstanding investigation into the South African Lottery.

South African Lottery Investigation

South African Hub Director Raymond Joseph published a new development with GroundUp in CCIJ’s ongoing investigation into the global lottery industry. Evidence into the investigation into dodgy Lottery grants in South Africa was handed over to police last Tuesday, Joseph reported. Investigations into three other Lottery-funded projects totalling an additional R26 million ($1,566,015) will be completed this month.

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The news comes after years of investigation into the South African Lottery by Joseph, GroundUp and CCIJ. You can read more from our ‘Gaming the Lottery’ project here, including coverage from close to 40 people from 10 different countries in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Over 100 Years of Political Bickering Deny Bulawayo Clean Water

Kudzanai Gerede, a journalist in Zimbabwe, published a new piece on the CCIJ Blog exploring the longstanding struggle for providing clean water to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. As the population of the city steadily increases, so has the demand for water in a region known for its dry climate. A lack of political will and adequate resources to fund a massive water project which would connect the city with the Zambezi River has dashed hopes to end the water crisis.

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Highlights of August

As another month at CCIJ comes to an end, take a look back on some of our team’s biggest accomplishments.

On the blog:

Statement of Solidarity with Namibian Journalists: The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) joins Namibian journalists in condemning the recent press freedom attacks in their country.

#71 Series: Years After Flint Water Crisis, Lead in Drinking Water Remains a National Problem: The Flint Water Crisis put the issue of lead in drinking water in the national spotlight, but the problem isn’t unique to Flint.

h20Fail project:

When death is just a sip away: Residents of Harare’s townships risk contracting deadly diseases due to dirty water.

Collecting water is dangerous for women and girls: Villages in Malawi subjected to intermittent and unreliable water supply for the past 22 years.

Gaming the lottery project:

Millions of rands in lottery funding for mysterious music festival: R15 million paid to dormant organisation but chairman says he’s aware of the grant.

Lottery bows to pressure and releases of grant details: But information on the Covid-19 relief fund is incomplete.

OUTA lays fraud and racketeering complaint over Lottery grants: “NLC officials are intentionally turning a blind eye and are thus complicit and criminally liable.”

Mystery fires destroy cars on premises of Lottery corruption witnesses: Police investigating arson in both cases.

instagram live:

CCIJ Talks: Paul McNally: Paul McNally, cofounder of Volume Africa, joins us to talk about all things podcasts, including his work on CCIJ’s Transparency Talks and Waterless.