Building data sets to tell powerful stories: Monitoring fossil fuel shipments from Russia since 2022 as a case study

Using the cross-border investigation “Fueling War” as an example, this two-part workshop will provide a step-by-step guide to building your own data set and a framework to set up a cross-border team of investigative reporters, data journalists and visual storytellers. Attendees will receive hands-on experience and feedback on their application of these data building techniques and framework.

Ask Me Anything: Investigative Journalism and Web3: Early explorations in the metaverse and virtual worlds

Join us Monday, February 27, 2023 for a 60 minute Ask Me Anything session that will start with a brief introduction of our virtual space then attendees will be able to ask questions about our experience with translating our investigative stories to this innovative virtual space. Through this AMA structure, attendees will gain insights into the current challenges, possibilities, limitations of what some Web3 platforms can present for journalists.

Cross-border Data Journalism for Beginners

Join us Wednesday, October 26, 2022 for a 60 minute session that will provide insight and resources into how data and cross-border investigations can empower independent journalism that is committed to reporting the truth while seeking solutions to vital local, national, and global issues.

Photojournalism Basics

Join us Wednesday, September 21, 2022 for a 60 minute session that will empower you to create more impact and value in your reporting with the resources you have as well as provide a foundation for working in collaboration with visual journalists.

Diving into Deep Water Data: Using Water Wazi and Water Data Repo for Investigative Stories

In this two-hour session, investigative and data journalists, researchers and developers from OpenUp and CCIJ will provide hands-on training on two powerful African-focused water-related portals – Water Wazi and Water Data Repo – to help journalists, researchers, policymakers and educators tell their stories, educate the public, and advocate for water justice in Africa.

How to balance passion projects with paid opportunities

Pursuing self-directed work can feel like an impossible feat for some freelancers. How do you find the time and resources to pursue work on your own when paid opportunities can already feel scarce and unreliable? Award-winning Nigerian photographer Etinosa Yvonne believes not only that it’s possible, but that personal projects are the most important ones.

Tackling the hardest part of investigative reporting

While the investigative reporting process can be intimidating, journalists often find writing to be the hardest part. CCIJ attempted to answer some of those questions in our June training session: “From Notebook to Story: Planning and Implementing your Writing Approach.”

Self-directed Passion projects: Vital for success, satisfaction and impact​

Join us Thursday, July 21, 2022 for our next professional learning session. In this one hour session, African photographer Etinosa Yvonne will discuss how pursuing self-directed work with a personal passion plays a vital role in creating opportunities.

From notebook to story: planning and implementing your writing approach

Join us Tuesday, June 14, 2022 for our next professional learning session where we will show you how to turn your reporting work into a compelling investigative news piece. We’ll provide tips on how to make your next story deadline slightly less daunting and significantly more manageable.

The Basics of Investigative Journalism​

Learn the basics of investigative journalism from Mark Lee Hunter, author of the handbook “Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists” (Unesco, 2009). Mark will lead a one-hour training session, focused on the basics of conceiving, structuring, research, and composing an investigation.