Taking matters into their own hands

Widespread water and sanitation failures prompt citizen groups to approach the courts​


‘The water is not good at all’

How Emalahleni’s contaminated water harms its most vulnerable residents​


Communities turned into sewage swamps​

South Africa’s waste water crisis is making life unbearable for its residents​


Living in a ‘critical state’

The price of a South African town’s dirty water


A tsunami of human waste

Rivers and water bodies across South Africa have become too polluted for use, and the government is doing an increasingly poor job of addressing the situation.


Child diarrhea cases surge as sewage runs on Cape Town streets

Like clockwork, diarrhea among children spikes sharply during Cape Town’s long summer. The city tends to blame the heat and people’s poor hygiene practices, but its own sewage infrastructure may be the real culprit.


Poorly treated effluent sends refinery water use skyrocketing

Cape Town’s failure to maintain a key wastewater treatment plant cost the city a billion litres of drinking water

CCIJ Round Up: Cape Town’s Top Ten Water Users

A new report follows up with Cape Town’s biggest water users. Raymond Joseph is named the runner up for a prestigious international award. Two CCIJ members receive grants for their water stories.


Big business guzzled water as Cape Town’s dam levels plummeted

Years after the threat of Day Zero, it turns out that while households were blamed for over-excessive water use, big industrial users were given little more than a slap on the wrist for their significant water consumption

#ProtestReportingProject : Reporting on Protest In Southern Africa Then and Now

Raymond Joseph and Mongie Zulu, despite being from different generations, have a deep drive for reporting on civil unrest in their country.