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Waterpreneurs buy water from private boreholes off Apapa, Kirikiri, Ebute Metta, and Bariga and transport them to Sagbo Kodji to sell

Gaming the Lottery

An ongoing investigation into water access issues worldwide.



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Truth, transparency, trust. Meet the people of CCIJ.

Transparency Talks

River in hazy sun
Giving voice to those who are water disadvantaged.



Winston Mwale
Winston Mwale
Investigative Reporter
John Bartlett
John Bartlett
Investigative Reporter
Wendy Muperi
Wendy Muperi
Investigative Reporter
David Dembélé
David Dembélé
Investigative Reporter
Sonja Angula
Sonja Smith
Investigative Reporter

Recent Posts

  • Building data sets to tell powerful stories: Monitoring fossil fuel shipments from Russia since 2022 as a case study
    Using the cross-border investigation “Fueling War” as an example, this two-part workshop will provide a step-by-step guide to building your own data set and a framework to set up a cross-border team of investigative reporters, data journalists and visual storytellers. Attendees will receive hands-on experience and feedback on their application of these data building techniques and framework.
  • The Arrest and Detention of Haruna Mohammed Salisu
    The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) expresses its deep concern following the arrest of the Nigerian journalist and publisher of WikkiTimes Haruna Mohammed Salisu on February 25, 2023, while covering the election at Duguri, the hometown of Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Bala. It denounces this outrageous attack on constitutionally-enshrined press freedoms and calls for his immediate and unconditional release. […]
  • Ask Me Anything: Investigative Journalism and Web3: Early explorations in the metaverse and virtual worlds
    Join us Monday, February 27, 2023 for a 60 minute Ask Me Anything session that will start with a brief introduction of our virtual space then attendees will be able to ask questions about our experience with translating our investigative stories to this innovative virtual space. Through this AMA structure, attendees will gain insights into the current challenges, possibilities, limitations of what some Web3 platforms can present for journalists.


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