Nic Bothma

Nic is the Visual Editor at CCIJ. He is a multi-award winning photojournalist and picture editor.

Fola Folayan

Fola Folayan is the Digital Marketing Manager at CCIJ. She is a media entrepreneur, communications specialist, and public speaker.

Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson is a project editor at CCIJ and a freelance data and investigative journalist.

Serena Stelitano

Serena Stelitano is the Metaverse Designer, Builder and Curator at CCIJ.

Yuxi Wang

Yuxi Wang is a freelance writer, researcher, and data journalist from China. She is currently a data researcher and visualization specialist at CCIJ.

Sotiris Sideris

Sotiris Sideris is the Data Editor at CCIJ. He is an award-winning data journalist, trainer, and project manager based in Athens, Greece with extensive cross-border and collaborative experience.

Ajibola Amzat

Ajibola Amzat is the Africa Editor at CCIJ. He specializes in Investigative and Data Journalism.

Jillian Dudziak

As Design Director, Jillian is passionate about using design to amplify the impactful stories produced by our courageous investigative journalists.

Paul David Schaeffer

Paul, a business strategist with 25 years of senior experience in the investment management and financial services industry, is a member of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

Brant Houston

Brant Houston, who served more than 10 years as the executive director for IRE and now teaches at the University of Illinois, is a member of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.